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I keep going back I drive an hour each way to see Rebekah and have done so for 2 years now...well worth the time and effort. I strongly recommend giving them a shot. For me, it was a game-changer. I’m so glad my orthopedic doctor recommended ACMT to me. He insists that I continue my therapy with ACMT. I can’t tell you enough how much they have helped with my chronic low-back pain...I was on the cusp of needing surgery and was in so much pain, but Rebekah helped me and I’m so much better off now. Strongest recommendation for ACMT possible.
Amazed!!! I have suffered with scoliosis for years an have tried everything. I was recently told surgery was not an option. Also, have tried massage therapy. John is the best an I am amazed at what he is doing to help my back. It should have another name as massage therapy is just not enough to discribe this service. The talent an skill an the progress with my back is beyond anything I could have dreamed for an has helped eliminate the need for so many pain meds. This was a package gift from a friend an I will continue as long as I possibly can. Grateful for having discovered them an for the relief they are giving me.
Auburn Corrective Massage Therapy Review of Rebekah Hall The very best massage therapy I've ever had in my life! Rebekah discusses problem areas before starting the massage, and then she focuse on them. Five Stars!
Scott W
Always A Great Job Rebekah does an excellent job. Professional, courteous and knowledgeable.
Fit Tina-Ga
I love my muscle therapy here Drove from Columbus, Ga to get treatment on my issues I have had for years. Im an athlete and had shoulder, lower back, tight psoas etc.. Felt 90% better after leaving. Ill be buying a package now on.
brittney h
Healed my leg pain Went to John as a last resort to numbness in legs and arms and I was able to notice a difference right away. Today I no longer have the numbness!! Would highly recommend them to anyone and currently do!
Pollie A P
Excellent Service I wasn't used to professional massage and I've had many surgeries. John zeroed in on the problem areas and he was able to help ease my pain, though no other treatment could do so. Thank you.
Kim L
Excellent service Review of Rebekah Hall Rebekah did an excellent job when she gave me a massage. I felt great after. So one of my wish lists for Christmas is a massage by Rebekah.
Matt G
Great People An extremely enjoyable experience. John and Rebekah make you feel super relaxed and right at home, and they are both experts at what they do.
Mary R
Fantastic and very knowledgable Both John and Rebekah are incredible! They are very knowledgeable, and understand the ails of an athlete (mental and physical) and as such are capable of interpreting your "it hurts when I do this" to a specific muscle group and trigger point. They really go the extra mile and suggest stretches to do at home. I would highly recommend them to anyone!
Danny J
Great Experience I had a great experience at Auburn Corrective Massage Therapy! I left feeling good as new.
Ayxa R
Happy client :) I have received sports therapy massages from both John and Rebecca twice already. I always reschedule automatically after I leave my previous appointment because I always leave feeling great! I tend to workout 5-6 times a week so, being sore is usually a part of my day to day and ACMT surely does an amazing job at helping my recovery process and making it easier for me not to skip any workouts because of pain/soreness. I have recommended it to friends and will continue to do so!
Betsy L
The best massage ever! Auburn Corrective Massage Therapy is the best! Rebekah and John Hall are knowledgeable and professional in every aspect of your care. I have had several injuries from running, a car accident, and other minor things and Rebekah is always able to work on me and provide relief. When you want a relaxing massage they are the best at that too! They are dependable and have very flexible hours. I would never go anywhere else. They know how to work on you so that you leave feeling one hundred percent better and also give you suggestions for doing things to keep feeling that way! If you have never tried them do it know. Book an appointment and you will wonder why you waited so long.
Mitch M
Great with Sports Injury & Recovery As a ultra-marathon runner injuries are pretty common. I've gone to a massage therapist before with okay results but ACMT was a different story. They are very knowledgeable and help give advise to correct current/future problems. By far one of the most beneficial things I have done to heal from injuries and recover from races!
Michael M
Great service! John and Rebekah are extremely professional and very good at what they do. Anytime I need help recovering from a workout I go see them. One can only do so much on a foam roller themself. Very intelligent people and fun to talk to during the massage.
Van G
Rebekah Rebekah has done a good job of making it easier for me to live with a pinched nerve in my back. My wife says she can definitely see an improvement in my posture since I starting going to Rebekah.
Heather C
Awesome therapists! I drive 90 minutes one way to see them - that's how good they are. I had a pain in my back that several other therapists and chiropractors could not fix, and within 1 visit to Rebekah, it was corrected and never returned.
Chauncey H
Tight neck and shoulders I really appreciated not only the thorough massage, but the advice on how to stay limber, stretching my neck and shoulders both pre and post workout. I also appreciated the insights around what is normal soreness / body function for my age/
Ryan M
Great Job My first time using a Massage Therapy and it was great. They did an outstanding job.
Leigh W
Wouldn't Be Walking Without Them I was diagnosed with scar tissue addhesions and told by multiple orthopedic doctors that I would simply have to learn to live with the pain. Thankfully, with the healing help of Rebekah and her deep tissue massage I am PAIN FREE and walking normally again!!!
Outstanding therapeutic massage and more John and Rebecca both do a terrific job at addressing both whole body flexibility and muscular issues as well as helping address acute problems that are related to a specific area. I can't recommend them more, and every time I go I leave having learned something new I can do to alleviate persistent issues at home or on the road. Great service all around.
Betsy L.
Auburn Corrective Massage Therapy is a fantastic place to go for the best massage every. Rebekah and John Hall are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of corrective massage therapy. I have been going to Rebekah for two years and I have been completely satisfied. I work out a lot and am a runner too, whenever I get an injury or a sore muscle from over use, Rebekah knows exactly how to treat it. Their full ... view more
Caroline B.
I highly recommend Auburn Corrective Massage Therapy! I have suffered from neck/shoulder pain for 5 years from a horseback riding injury. I sit in classes for 8 hours a day and spend several hours studying each night, which worsens my pain and causes more muscular problems. Rebekah took time to fully discuss my pain and problems before and throughout the massage to cater the massage to my specific needs. I immediatel... view more